Autumn Pumpkin Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some great pumpkin party ideas for decorating, games and activities, food, and party favors – plus suggestions for inviting and thanking guests.

Party invitations are essential for planning a special harvest birthday party for your little girl. It’s more likely that people will RSVP if you actually send out invitations in the mail, rather than relying on a social media event where people may not see them or choose to ignore them.

Autumn party invitations can have a pumpkin patch fall theme, or leaves, or trees. They can also have a colourful background, such as a light peach, light green, or light brown colours.

Pumpkins can be cut out of construction paper and then decorated and made into banners, or attached to the walls.

If your party is close to October, you may pick up some great deals on small ornamental pumpkins and gourds to decorate the tables. These items can be placed into baskets as table centrepieces.

You can also cut out leaves from different colours of construction paper and toss them around the floors of your party room.

When you’re hosting a harvest party, you want to think up some great harvest party activities. Perhaps you can write a little number on the bottom of each ornamental pumpkin, then hide them throughout the room.

Children will have to search for the pumpkins. When they find one they’ll turn it in for a corresponding prize that matches the number on the pumpkin. If you don’t want to use real pumpkins you can make some of out of construction paper.

There are many delicious dishes and treats you can prepare for your party. Pumpkin pie is essential, but you can also make pumpkin cheesecake too.

Savoury treats can include pumpkin pasties, which are like pie but contain no sugar. You can also make pumpkin milkshakes, and shortbread cookies in the shapes of leaves and pumpkins.

Party favours can be fun to make. You can gather a small number of fun toys and place them within orange cellophane with a black bow. You can arrange the gift in a pumpkin-like shape. Ideas for younger children can include small balls, puzzles, and candy

At this time of year it should be easy to think up many fun and exciting party ideas to keep your little girl and her friends happy.

Thank you cards can be sent any time after the birthday party. I always recommend sending out photo thank you cards as it is a great keepsake for your guests of your little ones special first birthday!

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