Celebrate Your Little Peanut’s Birthday

Elephant Party Invitations

If you have a young child who is turning one or two years old, a cute but simple theme may appeal to you, rather than the usual princess or cowboy birthday party. An elephant or my little peanut themed birthday party may suit your child, and can allow for many fun photo opportunities.

Party invitations can feature happy elephants on the front. You don’t want to miss sending out these invitations as it’s important to give people a paper copy so they have a reminder of the event. A paper invitation also denotes importance, meaning that the date has been set and won’t be changed like an emailed party invitation could be.

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Little Peanut Party Decor


If you’re looking for some clever ideas to decorate your room, consider decorating with an elephant or cartoon peanut theme. If you can’t find decorations in the store, search for graphics online and then print them out. You may also head to the toy store and buy plastic elephants and stuffed toy elephants too. These can be arranged into a table centrepiece.

Party Games & Activities


Party games and activities should centre around the little ones. Most parents love taking photographs of their kids. Dress up your youngsters in little elephant or peanut costumes. If you can’t find anything to buy, make them a hat and scarf fitting the theme. Then you can set up a photo booth in the corner of the party room where many fun photos can be taken of the kids.

For older children, you can try a “find the peanut” game. You can write numbers on the peanuts before you hide them throughout the room. After the kids find them, they can bring them to you in exchange for a prize.

Delicious Party Food


Serve food that will be similar to what an elephant might eat. Have an assortment of cut raw vegetables. If you don’t want to serve peanuts, try popcorn instead, which is often served at zoos. Hotdogs are also a popular zoo snack, and are simple to prepare for all the children at the party. You can even buy veggie dogs so that no one is left out.


The party cake should feature an elephant and peanut scene. You can order a cake from a bakery if you feel that it would be too complicated to make yourself.

Party Favours


Hand out small treat bags full of peanuts. If you can find a large number of plastic toy elephants, you can add them to the bag too. Simply place these goodies inside a plain brown bag. They can be stapled shut and decorated with elephant stickers.

Thank You Notes


Order thank you notes in the same matching theme as your invitations. This way it will keep the event fresh in the parents’ minds, so they know which party the thank you came from.

Your little peanut only celebrates an early birthday once. Start planning for the year ahead by ordering your invitations and matching thank you notes today. The rest of the party details will easily fall into place.


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