Weekly To-do-Planner Sheet

Here is the planner page I will be using this week. I got a head start, as I worked Saturday night, so I am treating that as my “Monday”.  Saturday night I designed one new bridal invitation so I was able to highlight one 3rd finished on my progress bar 🙂

How to download: Right click on the image and select “Save to downloads”. Print away! Or click here to download: Download Here

Progress bars really seem to work for me! from 0%-100% I can keep adding them to my next weeks planner if they don’t get done that week. Then I will eventually get tired of adding them to my planner sheet and just get it 100% completed!

What I have to do this week:

  1. 9 blog images– I have a lot of blog posts written, but I haven’t been adding photos to them. Progress over perfection, right?! I would love to have 10 done, but we will see!
  2. 3 New Bridal Designs– Building my bridal designs has been a huge priority for me. I have already completed one, so two more to go this week!
  3. Set up desk upstairs– I am moving my desk upstairs to the main floor. I will be posting some after photos!!! So excited!
  4. 2 website sections– Yep, gotta compete my website! I will be working on 2 sections- 1. baby shower thank you cards, and 2. tags.

Happy Planning!

Have a wonderful, Productive Week!


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