Fishing Birthday Party Invitations

Printed invitations are essential for a fishing birthday party. Unique fishing images can be printed on the front, and then inside can include your birthday message. Real invitations are also more likely to receive an RSVP, much better than simply emailing or calling people and hoping they remember to attend.

Photo Invitations

Photo Invitations: By adding a picture of your birthday boy on to the invitation it adds a fun personal touch and a memorable keepsake for your guest. You can send in your photo invitation to a print shop like Costco, or have high quality Cardmint prints with envelopes arrive right to your home.

Fishing theme Birthday Party Food

Most bakeries can create a fishing theme for a cake. A smaller party only requires a circular cake, while a larger group can have a one layer rectangular cake. Besides having the bakery pipe out the name of your child in icing, small toys related to fishing can also decorate the top of the cake.

Gummy worms can be set up on the table as gummy worm bait. Consider what other types of food the fisherman would take on a boating trip, perhaps sandwiches and fizzy beverages.

Party Favors

Party favours are an essential part of the birthday party. Not only do younger kids have a gift too, but they also work as a thank you for coming. The favor bag could contain a small fish stuffy toy, a fish puzzle, or a miniature toy boat. To see the tutorial for these tags please go here: Fishing party favor Tag tutorial 

Birthday Activities

There are many birthday activities and game ideas to consider. Many toy stores have fishing lines for kids. You can incorporate these into a game where the child must fish for a prize from a small wading pool.

You could also purchase three inexpensive tackle boxes and put prizes in them. The child will then pick which box may contain the prize. Be sure to have consolation prizes if they don’t find the “big fish”.

There are many ideas for a birthday party for a boy. These ideas can also be incorporated into a family reunion. Whatever you decide, the main goal is to have fun!

Party Decor Party Package

The party room or outdoor location should be festively decorated for the occasion. After you’ve selected your fishing theme, you can elaborate on the idea by considering if it will be country, rustic, outdoors.

There are many fishing net decor ideas that can be utilized. Toy fish and plastic balls can be draped within the netting, and these can be hung up on walls or trees.

Printable Party packages can be printed on at home or at an office store like staples and cut out ready for decorating. Supplies can be found at your local craft store. You can look at this party package tutorial here